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Garage Management System

A garage management system is a software application that helps garage owners manage their business operations. It provides a range of features such as job card creation, inventory management, invoicing, expense tracking, and customer interaction management.
A garage management and monitoring system is a software that defines and manages each operational event in a parking facility, including access events, management events, equipment operation events, equipment malfunction events, security events, and defined anomaly events1. The system uses a relational database to generate reports, create logs, make management decisions, and reconstruct accidents1. The equipment used includes a computer terminal, a reader, an identifying item or code, an IP camera, and a garage door or vehicle gate with safety sensors.
It is a cloud-based mobile and responsive web application that allows garage owners to manage their entire garage system through a single platform. Sayaaraa offers features such as job work management, estimate creation, invoicing, income and expense tracking, inventory management, and customer interaction management. It also provides service reminders and appointment booking features. 

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